I generally don't like NC-17 and R rated fiction all that much. It's not that I'm a prude *L*, it's just that sometimes people seem to think that if they have a lot of sex in it, with enough graphic descriptions, they don't have to worry about constructing a good story.

Once in a while, however, one stumbles upon texts that are simply too well written to ignore. I think that the ones I'm posting here fall into that category.

WMC = Webmaster's Comments


NC-17; R; M/S R (14k)

SUMMARY:Mulder and Scully engage in a campaign against bureau burn-out.

WMC: This story is exceptionally well-written, and it's rather amusing.


NC-17; R; M/S R (20k)

SUMMARY:Mulder demands a confession from Scully.
WMC: What can one possibly say? It's a good story. Especially if Never Again just drove you up the wall.