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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the pictures on your page?

Where it concerns the photos I have on the Photo Evidence section, you're welcome to use them. If you want to referr them back here, that's fine, although -- as you may have seen in the Sources section -- some of them I actually got from other websites. As for the images in the Altered section, they're my creation. So, if you're going to use them on a webpage, I would appreciate it if my name went with them. Preferably, with a link back here.

Can I take the stories on your webpage and use them on my own archive?

As I say on the stories themselves, you're welcome to use mine as long as you tell me where you're going to archive them, preferably before you do so. As for the stories of other people, naturally you'll have to ask their authors.

What's with the section names on your page?

I've been getting this question a lot, generally about one or two of the sections. I figured it would be easier to roll it all into one question. So let's see:
ALIEN ARTIFACTS: contrary to what you may think, it has nothing to do with The X-Files. It was already called that before I made this into an all X-Files page. The name comes from a collection of SF short stories edited by Brian Aldiss. It's called Introducing SF.
46TH & 10 TH: The Infamous meeting place for The Syndicate. Kind of obvious.
HALL OF PRECOGNITION: Well, this one just sounded good.
BASEMENT: Somehow, the basement seemed like the perfect spot to store case files. I have no idea why. *L*
BOXCAR 82517: Convenient storage space I borrowed from Nisei and 731(season 3).
LEVEL 6: Comes from E.B.E(season 2). A high classified level on a governmental building where the darkest secrets lurk.
MULDER'S BEDROOM: This is the one I get asked about more often. Why name a FAQ this. Easy. What was the most FAQ about the X-Files up until Dreamland II -- aside, although related to, from "Are they doing it or what?". That's right! Where is Mulder's bedroom?
MULDER?S DESK: What can I say. Sounded just right for a great big clutter.
PHOTO EVIDENCE and THE REVIEW BOARD: pretty obvious, huh?
THE LONE GUNMAN OFFICES: Where do Mulder and Scully more often go when they need help finding something?
SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE'S TOMBSTONE: Another one I get frequently asked about. Site of a "youthful indiscretion on a foggy night" between Mulder and Phoebe Green. Remember her from Fire (season 1)?
THEY ARE AMONG US: I took this one from a T-shirt I have with aliens. No, I'm not saying the writers on that section are alienated, or aliens for that matter. Although, at times, they do seem to know a little too much.

What program do you use to create the images on Altered?

Mainly I use Paint Shop Pro 6. But I also have some stuff done with Presto!Image Folio 4.1. They're both good programs, actually pretty similar in some aways. You can get PSP6 shareware from Jasc. I don't know about Presto.