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Classification: MSR, NC17
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Author: DurriBakht@aol.com
Summary: Mulder and Scully engage in a campaign against bureau burn-out.


Dust motes traveled curly, aimless journeys illuminated briefly into apperception in the golden tracks of sunlight seeping through the venetian blinds. Shining into the small living room, the buttery light nudged resident shadows into non-existence and warmed sex-laden air.

Lying on the floor, Mulder's Adam's apple worked in soundless laughter as he regarded the ceiling. Life was proving affable in a thousand charming ways as his fully roused penis enjoyed the peculiar and pleasing attentions of an obliging female mouth. Not a day went by, particularly when marked by sexual activity, that he did not thank God he had been born a man. Most especially then. But when it came down to it, very little tangible criticism could be said of the fairer sex. Male inferiority was a given.

Sparked into mobility, his hands slid languidly over his chest, pausing momentarily to rub flat masculine nipples, then stroked across his flat belly to end their pilgrimage slightly below, coming to rest at his hips where a silky head bobbed steadily in mock obeisance. Long fingers with rounded pads spread and settled on his companion as if in benediction but really to encourage the milking suction to carry him to completion.

In reply, her mouth tightened, thrilling him, as it moved up to the baby soft skin crowning his manhood and disengaged contact. She did not retreat. Warm breath sent a caressing breeze over his moistened erection.

This match between them, begun in mediated contact and the common bond of professional synchrony, had seduced them into conspicuous action with the lure of conquest. Polite rivalry turned to companionship. Companionship matured into friendship and then slyly transformed itself into sexual desire, nagging and intriguing him until his hand had been forced and he deliberatly breached the neutrality separating them. He underestimated her response. For a week now, every afternoon he had abandoned the chilly basement office he shared with Scully to return to his apartment and wrestle in intimate competition on the carpeted floor in front of his couch. Inventive and diabolically clever, his lover's mouth casually exhausted him every time and dismissed him back to work to spend the rest of the day drowsy, thick-headed with satiation, overwhelmingly bemused.

"What's the matter?"

She offered no verbal answer. Instead, flattened the broad expanse of her tongue against the underside of his penis at its base. Leisure yet deliberate, she pulled up, pressing firmly enough to crease the thin sensitive skin. Arriving at the peak, friendly teeth celebrated the ascension biting, scraping, worrying gently at the pink terrain only to descend and begin the climb anew.


His eyes registered two overhead lights where before there had only been one. He could feel the forest of tiny buds that coated the surface of his supplicant. Every delicious bump and hill.

She dragged her tongue up, repeating with confident command a guileless skill that left him with no doubt as to which of the two of them was superior here.

Mulder shut his eyes and hummed. Surely her mouth existed just for him, expressly commissioned for this portion of his anatomy? His hands straightened and re-molded themselves to her skull, this time humble with appreciation.

But she was not accepting gratitude. Her mouth turned aggressive, sliding over her host, embracing him to the hilt. Warm. Tight. And attentive as the most devout worshiper in the presence of divinity.

His body tensed from toenails to hair. Put on alert, nerve endings tingled, ready to receive electrical charge.

Again, envelopment returned. And again and again.

Mulder could not stop the movement. His knees rose as he planted his bare feet flat on the floor to embark on his mission. The world withdrew. The muscles of his buttocks clenched and relaxed as his hips began a counterpoint rhythm. Above his mouth, hazel eyes unclosed to record sight and to their sides, a pair of ears accepted sound but both divorced themselves from his brain.

Orgasm entered the room slithering like a cobra. Stronger, wilier and focused it drew near, target in sight, and gathered energy.

Across his exposed skin a fine, lubricating film of sweat broke out. Firm thighs accepted a burden of weight from his arching spine. Head thrown back, his chin pointed heavenward, exposing his throat. Deep in his chest, his heart raced, sending blood to dilated vessels and the very echo of its work to his eardrums.

For a second, fear gripped him. His stalker was approaching with a promise of ferocity that did not assure survival.

...And from the sword (Lord) save my soule, By thy myght and power...

Coiled, climax prepared to strike, to whip him dizzyingly out of orbit and send him careening into a lonely universe where existence was limited to the sweet pain between his legs.

...And keepe my soule, thy darling deare, From dogs that would devour...

Chest heaving, his lungs sought air, gulping in life-giving oxygen. He thrust his reckless, greedy erection between his lover's swollen, berry lips.

...And from the Lion's mouth that would, Me all in sunder shiver...

Mechanical in its diligence, her mouth worked hard now invading and liberating and reclaiming faster than he could record the sensations. His balls, held in loving grip, were kneaded by supporting fingers.

...And from the hornes of Unicorne's, Lord safely me deliver.

Violence struck then. Intellect floundered as passion tripped the lock; organized thought escaped, leaving in its wake animal gibberish. His impressive IQ, the intelligence that had awed Scully and made him the envied darling of the Violent Crimes Division, retreated abruptly, bequeathing in its absence all the cognitive powers of an agitated chimpanzee.

Mulder floated away.

"I'm not going to ask where you perfected that technique."

She was lying on top of him now, stretched out full length, peering interestedly into his recovering face. Sunlight shone on her from behind, firing the halo of her hair into brilliant glow.

"Masters and Johnson's reports are my Rosetta Stone to the numerous mysteries of the male body." Calm blue eyes considered him from a creamy, tranquil face, "Mulder, did you know you squeak when you climax?"

"No, I don't." From a distance surprise rippled in as he wondered how his lids managed to stay open through the onslaught. Delicious lethargy, the reward for selfish labor, seeped from his pores.

"You do. I've been listening. A few minutes ago you could have passed for a no-tell motel bedspring."

"G-Woman, after I've had a couple more minutes to recover, we'll go about cataloguing your repertoire of embarrasing sounds." A picture of his head stuffed up her skirt came to mind, pleasing in its potential. His toes dabbled hazily into the air. There were plans to be made.

"'Let not ambition mock their useful toil.' You're welcome to try."

Sassy she was, his Scully. In a flash he filled his cupped hand with the rounded flesh of her derriere then brought down his palm against the impertinent cheek.

Mulder's elegant partner yelped.

"What is this? You do good girlie yell. Reminds me of a poodle I ran over once." His arms and long legs looped themselves, winding around her wiggling body.

"Assaulting me isn't going to advance your case, Mulder," trapped, her teeth gripped a pinch of skin on his neck in retaliation.

Mulder reversed their positions, settling peremptorily into the natural saddle of her thighs. The sensation of lying naked on a fully clothed woman was strange but not unpleasantly so, he decided. "Me? I'd never assault you. I depend too much on your goodwill to get me through the week." He thrust his pelvis twice, crudely illustrating his point.

"Fox, you're a pig." She smiled pleasantly.

"It took you five years to figure that out?" Cheerful, her quip failed to intimidate him into atonement. His pretty lover wore exasperation like royalty wore diamonds. "I withdrawal that compliment I gave you this morning on your profiling skills. Be grateful you have the benefit of knowing it beforehand."

She snorted, dubious.

"Most women don't realize they're doomed to love swine until they're good and hooked. Hell, come to think of it, you should thank me for showing you my true nature," hazel eyes regarded her fondly. "Honesty is the defining virtue of our relationship."

"And full of shit."

"Face it, Ms. Spooky, you're crazy about me."

"No way. I tolerate you at most, and even that's a stretch." Warming to the game, coyness colored her voice, "Are you aware how many times I've been asked when I was going to come to my senses and request a transfer?"

"You won't."


"You heard me. We both know I give you the best ride in the FBI."

Silent, Scully looked patiently at her tormentor, brows arched.

"That too."

"My assignment isn't carved in stone. Section Chief Travis offered me a position in his department---" Mulder drew in a breath to offer a tart evaluation of her admirer but she continued," And my own office, mind you, with a window."

"A window?"

She nodded.

Studied, thoughtful sobriety crossed his countenance as he appeared to consider her words. Her beloved face sat in uncharacteristically lively lines; he memorized her features. "I'm afraid the offer is unacceptable, Agent Scully. You see, while personally there's nothing better I'd like than to see your career advance in the Bureau, there's just one small impediment."

"What's that?"

"You'd miss me. I'm the best friend you've ever had."

Temperate blue her gaze sharpened, searching for facetious innuendo.

The runners were dispatched, the mules packed, and compass in hand, destination beckoned. Above her, Mulder's lips curled at the familiar expression. He brought his face close to hers, nose to nose. Eyes unveiled, he elaborated, "You find my company fascinating and my work challenging, you adore my intellectual yet earthy sense of humor. Shut up. My intelligence compliments your considerable talents and my instincts are a source of continual amazement to you."

She rolled her eyes, languid finger tips stroking the cooling skin of his back.

He leaned down to punctuate his inventory with kisses on her chin, temples and forehead. "Not to mention you've wanted to put your hot little hands on me since they day you tripped willy-nilly into the basement five years ago."

"Mulder, you're a delusional and vain man."

"Deny you haven't checked out my ass when my back was turned."

"I could hardly tell the difference," her mouth pursed primly but her back arched nicely, pushing silk encased breasts into his chest.

"Liar." He bit a ringed earlobe in mock punishment.

"Ow." Scully gripped his face and directed the playful mouth to its rightful resting place. "You couldn't be more wrong. I haven't been fantasizing about your ass, comely though it may be." She kissed him, tenderly brushing against the ridiculously curvy horizontal lines of his lips, "It's this luscious... inviting," her teeth tested for resilience, "talented mouth that occupies my thoughts. Can't count how many times it has inspired less than professional thoughts towards my partner."

"You're much too nice to me." Mulder raised his eyebrows, "Does this mean I can stop jogging every morning? Will you still want me with a beer gut and love-handles?"

This time the crack of flesh meeting flesh originated with her palm, "Mister, I'd lose you quicker than Frohike lost the fashion war."

Notes of startled male laughter reverberated off the walls of the tiny apartment. Appetite, sinuous and seductive, stirred the stationary air. On the desk under the window red,electronic numbers of a clock issued a summons to return to the J. Edgar Hoover building.

"So you're in it for the sex?"

"What else? And high time you delivered too, Agent Mulder. Certainly not for the long hours or endless aggravation," the most reluctantly prosaic woman he had ever known twinkled. "Not for the travel either. If I wanted to see the world, I'd have followed family tradition and joined the Navy."

Mulder pushed his weight off his elbows, resting on either side of his brilliant acolyte. "Remind me to thank your mother next time I see her for that fortuitous advice," he murmured as he began to slide down her body. "Ever played submarine?"


Author's note: The verse sighted in the love scene based on Psalms 22 taken from Dorothy Dunnett's The Lymond Chronicles CHECKMATE, which in turn borrowed it from a poem in Sternhold and Hopkins, WHOLE BOOK OF PSALMS. Scully's quote on ambition is from Thomas Gray.

Mil gracias to Alanna and Shari, shippers extraordinaire, for their encouragement and helpful comments.