The X-Files Official Site

Allow yourself to be abducted into The X-Files.

Andy's Page
Andy's page looks great -- and I mean better-than-professional sort of great. There are some really interesting things in it: images, fanfiction, episode guides, and so on. I especially like the S.E.T.I. page.

The Church of X
Episode guides, character information, and so on, presented in a slightly different fashion. Redifining the expression 'cult show'.

Haven For The FBI's Most Unwanted
Fanfiction, Images, Games, and so on. A lot of it.

Hiding in the Light: X-Files Madness
There's a lot to see at this site. Personally I loved the puzzles.

Mostly Monochromatic X-Files
This page is absolutely beautiful.

Snark's Guide to the X-Files
Snark's a really good writer, and there are a lot of interesting X-Files stuff on her page.

Truth, Trust and Love: An X-PHILES Production
Your biggest problem upon viewing this site is deciding where to start. There's a lot of interactive stuff and downloads, plus information you'll probably won't find anywhere else.

What can I possibly say that the title and the banner to this page don't already?

The Keep It Going Society
The dire day is approaching when the last episode of the last season of The X-Files will be aired. Some people are already making preparations.

The X-Files Storage Facility
The episode guide is nice, but my favourite part is the Virtual Season.