Chimerical Publications
If it's about Mulder or DD, they'll probably have it.
Last time I looked this site wasn't there. I don't know if the site was closed down(temporarily or otherwise) or if it's just my browser acting up. I'll try and find out.

The Carter Connection
If what you're looking for is information on the show's creator Chris Carter.

Duchovny'd Incorporated
Another DD devoted site. It looks really good, it's just too bad it takes quite a bit to load.

The Gillian Anderson Official Web Site. A rather extensive archive of sounds, images, interviews and whatever you'd like to know about GA.

The Vince Gilligan Appreciation Society
Vince Gilligan is one of my favourite writers. In this site you can find biographical information and extensive information on all the episodes he wrote for The X-Files, or join the society.

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